National Press & Magazines

In 2021, national and regional news brands advertising spending in the United Kingdom grew to 1.36 billion British pounds.

Print advertising offers various benefits that make it a valuable marketing tool.

It can establish trust and credibility with potential customers, help target specific audiences, create a physical connection between the audience and brand, provide a unique opportunity for you promote your brand to a highly engaged audience.  

 Print advertising remains a powerful tool for businesses focused on achieving a high ROI. As the most trusted medium, it offers a favourable environment to engage with your target audience and drive quality response, such as sales, enquires, visitors and overall strong levels of engagement. 

Print Newsbrands have the advantage of holding audience attention 2.5 times longer than digital ads, making it an ideal medium for fleeting audiences. Additionally, press advertising can create a halo effect that generates awareness and complements multiple channel marketing campaigns. Research shows that newspapers enhance the effectiveness of TV by two times and online display by four times.

Some of the media owners we work with:

Water & Lime Media has established enduring partnerships with various national and regional newspapers, as well as prominent magazines on the newsstand. Whether you aim to target a broad or specific audience, we can help you achieve a robust return on investment by leveraging our relationships with media owners and industry expertise.