Video on demand

Video-on-demand (VOD) advertising can be a valuable addition to a company’s advertising and marketing strategy, especially for targeting a smaller, well-defined audience. VOD advertising offers flexibility in terms of where and how ads are displayed, allowing for tailored advertising to suit each format. However, it is important to conduct sufficient research on target audience demographics to ensure that the message is reaching the right people. Furthermore, certain demographics may still prefer traditional linear broadcast TV, so VOD advertising may not be the best option for reaching a wider audience. While VOD services are becoming increasingly popular, it may take some time before they completely replace traditional broadcast advertising. Therefore, including VOD advertising in a company’s marketing mix can offer benefits, but it should not completely replace traditional broadcast advertising.

For businesses that have not advertised on TV before, VOD can be a great way to introduction into TV advertising as it offers a cost-effective option with budgets calculated by a cost-per-thousand. 

Contrary to popular belief, advertising on TV does not necessarily require a large budget. A VOD campaign with good targeting can start from as little as £10,000. However, targeting a smaller audience segment requires a higher level of targeting, which can increase the cost per impression (CPM).

VOD advertising can be highly impactful as it allows businesses to convey their message clearly to their target audience through powerful storytelling . All ads delivered across VOD are non-skippable, providing accurate and real-time reporting to advertisers. Overall, VOD advertising offers a powerful and effective way for businesses to communicate with their target audience.

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