What is a media buyer?

A Media Buyer is responsible for overseeing the process of buying ad space and placements, based on the marketing goals and target audience preferences provided by the media planning team. They negotiate with media owners to ensure that they are buying the right ad placements at the right times, for the right duration, and within the designated budget. Effective media buying involves building relationships with media owners to achieve greater reach with less investment and demonstrate high ROI to clients and stakeholders.

Using an experienced media buying team and process has several benefits. Media buyers have a wide network of relationships and negotiation skills to maximise the

value of the investment. They understand where advertising dollars should be

spent and which placements get the most engagement, and can plan campaigns with

best practices to ensure maximum returns. Media buyers also stay up to date

with trends and world events that may impact ad availability, and negotiate ad

placements directly into the contract to ensure delivery as promised. Value

added deals can also be negotiated to increase reach or frequency.

Water & Lime Media is a media buying agency that stands out from others by not imposing retainer fees or lengthy contracts on clients. Larger agencies tend to prioritise their bigger clients, leaving smaller clients with less attention and resources. However, at Water & Lime Media, every client is valued and receives full ongoing support, regardless of their size. As an independent agency, we get it, As you grow, we grow and this why we put an emphasis on forming long term relationships.