What is OOH advertising?

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a highly effective visual advertising medium that reaches consumers outside of their homes. It includes various formats like billboards, posters, vehicle wraps, and more. OOH advertising has been around for a long time and is still growing at a rapid pace. It provides innovative ways to connect with consumers in diverse settings, making it an excellent complement to any marketing campaign. OOH advertising allows you to unleash your creativity and communicate compelling custom outdoor messages to your target audience.

Incorporating OOH advertising into your marketing campaign can offer several benefits. It is affordable, accessible, and scalable, with the lowest cost per thousand impressions (CPM) among traditional media channels. 

OOH advertising provides limitless opportunities for customisation, especially with digital creative. With the option of smaller sites (D6) and then larger formats like (D48) and (D96) you can promote your message across all parts of the city. 

OOH media allows for ample creative freedom with versatile formats that can accompany commuters throughout their journeys. The wide variety of media formats available within OOH can take your campaign to the next level with creative brand messaging, and the space is constantly innovating with programmatic benefits that enable storytelling that truly resonates.

Historically, measuring the success of an OOH campaign was challenging, but the industry has made significant progress in this area. Improved methods of measurement have been developed, including digital OOH ads that can measure consumer behaviour and engagement with built-in sensors and cameras. With the ubiquity of smartphones, we can additionally measure the number of people who walked past the ad, their follow-up actions after being exposed to the ad, and anonymised demographic information that helps with further targeting. OOH (especially DOOH) is highly effective at measuring impressions with ease, providing advertisers with the ability to monitor their target audience.

Offline media such as OOH can be a brilliant addition to complement your online activity. Get in touch today for an exploratory chat.